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Prevent falls from windows and balconies.

An increasing number of children are sent to hospital each year as a result from falling from balconies and windows. These accidents and often from their own homes and can result in serious injury or death. Children aged between one and five year old are most at risk as they're curious and lack the ability to recognise the danger. Falls are more common in the warmer months when families leave windows and doors to balconies open both during the day and night.

New legislation was passed in March 2013 to prevent children falling from windows. Windows fitted with devices, restricting the window opening to a maximum of 12.5cm.

Children can fall out of a window that is open more than 12.5cm, even if a fly screen is fitted!

The Building Code of Australia which made window safety devices compulsory in new residential building from 1 May 2013. Windows that are applicable to the legislation must have devices fitted by 13th March 2018. For full details, check the NSW Fair Trading website

Rollout Locksmiths stock and can fit Remsafe window locks that comply with the new legislation. Remsafe have a range of window locks that are not only affordable, compliant and easy-to-install but provide a safety solution for every window. Fitting Remsafe window locks to your home helps you comply with the new legislation passed in March 2013 by the NSW Government. The entire range of Remsafe locks are keyed alike so you can have the same key for every window lock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Remsafe window locks comply with NSW strata legislation?

Yes, the entire range from Remsafe complies with the legislation.

Can i still open my window to its full extent?

Yes, all Remsafe locks can be unlocked to allow the window to open to it's full extent.

What windows need to have locks?

Any window where the internal floor beneath an openable window is 2m or more above the outside surface beneath; and the lowest level of the window is less than 1.7m above the internal floor.

Do my windows have to be permanently restricted?

No, windows do not have to be permanently restricted. However, if the safety device can be unlocked or removed it must have a child resistant release mechanism. All Remsafe locks comply with the requirement.

Does each window need to be forced tested?

No, NSW Legislation requires only that the device be tested to withstand a force of 250N. If the window is in poor condition, the installer should recommend repair or replacement.

Do louvre windows need to be restricted?

If the opening distance between the louvres is 12.5cm or greater, then a safety device must be installed.

Is a compliance certificate required?

There is no requirement under NSW Strata Legislation for locksmiths to provide certification that their installations are compliant. However, some customers may require a certificate confirming the use of compliant products.



The original sliding aluminium window restrictor, the Venlock is easier and quicker to install than any other window restrictor on the market.

Suitable for these window types: Sliding Aluminium & Double Hung Aluminium.

Cable Lock

The world’s smallest cable restrictor, the Remsafe Cable Lock can be installed on all window types and materials.

Suitable for these window types: Sliding Aluminium, Double Hung Aluminium, Awning, Sash & Casement.


The Remsafe LyLock is the traditional window safety device for sliding aluminium windows.

Suitable for these window types: Sliding Aluminium & Double Hung Aluminium.

Multi Bolt

A multi-purpose locking solution that is compact and strong, and ideal for restricted ventilation and added security.

Suitable for these window types: Sash.

Block Lock

Ideal window safety restrictor for sliding windows with reversible stop bracket. Best suited for sliding windows with limited window sill.

Suitable for these window types: Sliding Aluminium & Double Hung Aluminium.

Track Lock

The Track Lock is a discreet solution to window safety that is suitable for sliding aluminium and double hung window types.

Suitable for these window types: Sliding Aluminium & Double Hung Aluminium.

Window Winder

An innovative winder with the restrictor mechanism on the upper surface of the winder body to alternate easily between a restricted and unrestricted opening distance.

Suitable for these window types: Awning.


The Remsafe Window Stopper sits easily inside the window track to permanently limit the window opening distance.

Suitable for these window types: Sliding Aluminium & Double Hung Aluminium.

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