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Locked out in Liverpool

Last night Rollout Locksmiths received a call from a very stressed out lady in Liverpool. She had locked herself out of her unit and her fire alarm was going off. She needed a locksmith straight away! I told her I was on my way and would be there in twenty minutes.

As soon as I arrived at her address, I could see how stressed and worried she was so I quickly grabbed my tools and headed up to her unit. Sure enough her fire alarm was singing.

Opening the locked door

I started picking the lock and hoped I could unlock the Deadlatch as quickly as possible. The customer was telling me that she had dinner in the oven and went to her neighbour to see if she had any mixed herbs. She heard the Deadlatch lock in place as soon as she closed her door and realised the mistake she had just made! Locked out with no keys!

Within minutes I had successfully picked the lock and opened the door.

Smoke filled the room

Smoke started to pour out through the open door and into the stairway. This set off the fire alarm in the whole building! The customer ran into her unit to turn the oven off and open all the windows. Neighbours started to come out of their units to see if everything was alright. I assured them everything was under control and the alarms would stop soon.

One very happy customer

With the door opened and the smoke disappearing I could see how relieved and grateful she was. Sure dinner was ruined but she was now inside and there was no fire!

If you are locked out or need a locksmith in Western Sydney call Rollout Locksmiths 0422184634. We provide a 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Service in the Liverpool area.

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