5 Questions You Should Ask Your Locksmith

So something has gone wrong and you need a locksmith but you haven’t got a trusted provider that you’ve used before. You’ve probably searched Google and it has revealed list of locksmiths in your suburb of Sydney, but which one do you choose? What should you ask the locksmith to make your decision? Below are 5 questions you should always ask before choosing a locksmith:

Are you licensed/insured?

It’s very important to ask your locksmith whether they are fully insured and licsned. You are trusting them with the security of your home and business and an unlicensed or uninsured locksmith should not be allowed carry out the work you need done. This should be a non-negotiable and should be the first question you ask.

Do you have a warranty/guarantee?

Like any professional, even the most qualified and capable locksmiths can experience issues with their work after its been completed. It’s very unlikely but it can happen and what’s important is how the issue is rectified if it does occur. Any reputable locksmith will have a full guarantee on his/her work for a set period after the job has been completed. Here at Rollout we offer a full guarantee and are happy to discuss this with you!

How soon can you be here?

This seems like an obvious question to ask but its important to make sure that the locksmith is truthful about how long it will take him/her to get to you and do the job you need done. Ask him/her where he/she is right now and if there are any other jobs to carry out before they can attend your location. If it’s an emergency job that needs to be done ASAP make sure you disclose this so that the locksmith is aware of how serious the situation and the repercussions of not being there when they say they will be.

What are your rates?

It’s been known to happen that some tradies can inflate their prices for certain jobs or situations. This is why you should always ask your locksmith what his/her standard rates are upfront to ensure you don’t fall victim of an opportunist looking to take advantage of your situation.

What type of work do you do?

It’s important to ask this question before telling the locksmith about your own requirements. Some locksmiths specialise in certain areas of the trade and may have limited experience carrying out the kind of work you need done. If they don’t mention the type of job you need done, it may be wise to call another locksmith in your local area who has more experience.

For any commercial or residential locksmith requirements in Sydney, give Rollout Locksmiths a call today for a no-obligation quote. We’ll be happy to answer the above questions and any other questions you might have!

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