Residential Locksmith

No-one understands the importance of home security more than Rollout Locksmiths.

Your home is your haven and it is a place that you should feel safe at all times. With over 15 years in the industry serving residential locksmith clients here in South-West Sydney, Rollout can attend to even the most complex of your residential locksmith needs. From a locked-out resident to a full security overhaul and everything in between, we can complete all your residential locksmith requirements with professionalism and reliability guaranteed and all at an extremely competitive price.

We will happily review your situation and recommend in simple terms what the best options are for your individual needs. We will take care of the entire process from the initial review, supply of the parts needed, installation, testing all products and even the clean-up afterwards! Furthermore, we will do this in a friendly and approachable manner which we hope will make you a loyal customer and make a Rollout Locksmiths a local business you’d recommend to a friend!

 Digital Locks

Digital locks are increasing in popularity as a means of keeping your house secure. As the code can be changed at any time, it eliminates the inconvenience of losing or breaking a key or the risk of the home being compromised if a key is lost. A great option nowadays! 

Garage Door Locks

We provide and fit a range of Garage Door Locks to keep your garage and its belongings as safe as the main house.



We have knobsets which can be used on various doors within the residential setting. Some are preferred for entrance doors while others are better suited to bathrooms or bedrooms which are lockable without a keyed cylinder. We can also fit dummy door knobs where the doorknob aesthetic is desired however no mechanism is needed.

Letterbox Locks

With letterbox burglaries and identity theft increasing, securing your letterbox is something that should be addressed immediately. We have a range of locks for every residential letterbox.


We have a range of deadlatch options to suit the style of your house whilst keeping it secure.

Patio Locks

Ensure that your children and pets can’t make their way out of the safe confines of your garden with our patio bolts.

Screen Door Locks

Given the Australian climate, many of us leave the front door open with just a screen door protecting our home from the outside world. Our range of screen door locks are chosen due to their effectiveness at keeping burglars out. 

Dead Bolts

Our deadbolts are generally exclusively used for entrance doors to the main house and for securing outhouses such as sheds or outdoor storage areas. 

Window Locks

Many burglars enter via poorly secured windows and our robust range of window locks drastically reduce the likelihood of an unwanted visitor gaining entry to your home.


If your bicycle or motorcycle is your prized possession and you don’t have storage options in your house or garage for it then a robust anchor lock could be the answer to keeping your pride and joy safe and sound.

Sliding Doors

Many decks and patios have sliding doors opening onto them. Rollout can ensure your home is a fortress by installing heavyweight Sliding Door locks for you.


We supply a range of padlocks for your residential needs including garden sheds, water pumps etc.