8 Home Security Tips for 2018

Over the past number of years, home burglaries have risen here in Australia. With that in mind, it’s more important than ever to keep your Sydney home secure in 2018. Below are 8 tips to reduce the likelihood of you having an unwanted visitor this year:

All Locked Up?

It may seem obvious but many burglars will be opportunistic and take advantage of an unlocked door or open window. Even if you are only leaving the house for a short while or are going to be reasonably nearby, it’s still important to secure the property fully.

Sound the Alarm!

Many people invest in alarm systems and after a few months, tend to stop using them regularly. Ensure your alarm system works properly and is used any time you leave the house and at night.

Canine Security

If you have a dog, many burglars will be deterred as it becomes very risky for them without knowing their breed, number of dogs, level of aggression etc. Even a ‘Beware of the Dog’ sign can be a useful deterrent regardless of whether or not you have a canine friend present at all!

Better to be Safe Than Sorry!

The most desired valuables by burglars are cash and objects like jewellery which can be easily sold on. Installing a small safe in your home and storing these items in it is a great way to keep them safe without spending a fortune.

Burglars Don’t Take Holidays

There are many tell-tale signs that you have jetted off on vacation and burglars know them all too well. Mail and junk mail building up in your letter box or on your hall floor, no car in the driveway, no lights on and overgrown grass are just a few green lights for burglars. Ask neighbours or friends to collect your mail, mow the lawn or park in your driveway and consider using a timer to play the radio and turn on the lights at certain intervals.

Discretion is Key

While you may be excited about your new 60inch curved 4K TV, burglars will be too. Ensure any packaging is broken up and well concealed in a recycling bin, not left beside the bins in full view. Also, photograph any new valuables you purchase for insurance purposes.

Fortune Favours the Strong

Many thieves will give up if they can’t easily access a property. Ways to ensure your property is ultra-secure include a dead-lock, locks on all windows, peep holes on front and back doors and lockable, sturdy security screens.

Don’t Help the Burglars

Australian police have reported many burglars breaking into the main house with tools they have taken from garages and sheds off the main property. Use sensor lights and strong keyed locks on any garages, sheds or outhouses on the main property to reduce the chances of burglars stealing from them and using your own tools or ladders to break in to other areas of your home.

These are just 8 tips to reduce the chances of you being the unfortunate victim of burglary in 2018. Give Rollout Locksmiths a call today and we will do a safety audit of your home in South-West Sydney and recommend areas you can improve your home security today!

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