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Rekey locks in West Hoxton

This week Rollout Locksmiths were called out to West Hoxton to change the locks on a customer's house.

She didn't lose her keys or have them stolen though. Instead she wanted to lock her crazy partner out! She told me he had assaulted her last night and it's not the first time. The police came over and removed him from her property. They advised her to rekey all the locks so he wouldn't have access anymore.

Unfortunately this happens from time to time. Not all relationships are perfect and this one was far from it.

Don't replace your existing locks

If your locks are decent quality and are working fine there is no need to waste money replacing them. Locksmiths can replace the pins inside the cylinders to suit new keys and not allow the old keys to work. This process is called rekeying which is often confused with changing locks.

Security upgrade

We found a few weak points in her house. The laundry only had a knobset on the door and the back sliding glass door required additional security. Insurance companies require you to have deadlocks on all doors and windows for full cover. The problem with having a window next to the door and a glass window in the door is that a criminal can easily break the glass and reach around and unlock the knobset. I advised her that she really needed a deadlock on the door. We talked about Deadbolts, Deadlatches and decided to install a Deadlatch. As the frame was thin we chose the Deadlatch because it has the frame strengthening design. Good luck trying to kick this door in!

The sliding door had a very old flimsy lock. We upgraded this rubbish lock to a Whitco Blaxland sliding door deadlock. Whitco Patio bolts were also installed on this door to maximise strength & security.

All locked up

The customer received two new keys that operated all her locks around her home. Her mind was set as ease knowing her partner no longer had access to the house.

If you find yourself in a simular situation or just need a locksmith in West Hoxton call Rollout Locksmiths 0422184634. We provide a 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Service in the West Hoxton area.

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