Why you should get a Locksmith to rekey your locks ASAP

Did you know you don't need to replace your locks with brand new ones? A Locksmith can rekey your existing locks at a fraction of the price it is to replace them. Rekeying a lock involves changing the tumblers inside the lock to suit a new key. Your locks will physically look the same but your old keys will no longer operate the locks.

Here's a few reasons why you should rekey your locks asap.

Lost A Set Of Keys

Losing a set of keys is not only inconvenient, it's a security concern. If your keys are lost or stolen then it's time to rekey your locks. You'll have the peace of mind knowing if someone finds them and finds out where you live that they won't have access to your home!

Purchased A New Home

One thing people overlook is changing the locks to their new home. This is the very first thing a new home owner should do after purchasing a home, regardless it's a brand new home or an older home. From builders to contractors to old owners, you have no idea who still has keys that can access your property.

After A Break-In

There's a good reason why Police recommend you change your locks after a break-in. Most people keep spare keys inside their home and the intruders may have taken a key with them. It's so important to rekey all your locks as soon as possible as there is usually damage to the locks and a Locksmith may need to replace the damaged locks with new ones.

Change Of Residence

If you've had tenants, a partner or house mates move out it's a good idea to rekey your locks. If for some reason the old residents made a copy of the keys they will no longer have access to your property.

Replacing Broken Locks

So you have a broken lock or one that is playing up. A faulty lock can lock you out of your home causing a tricky lockout situation. You could replace it with a brand new one from the hardware store but it would be a different key to the rest of our locks. A better alternative and a simpler process would be to buy a lock or take your lock to a locksmith to get it rekeyed to suit your existing keys.

Worn Out Keys

Another common issue Locksmiths see is worn out keys. Customers call us complaining that they often have to jiggle the key to unlock and lock their locks. Overtime with a lot of use, keys wear down and getting a copy made from it won't fix the problem. Getting another copy from the key will only transfer the worn out cuts to the new key. The cuts on the key will no longer push the pins inside the lock to the right height they need to be at (shear line) to operate the lock. The pins inside the lock wear down too. When we rekey locks we install new pins and give you new keys with factory cuts.

To Minimise The Amount Of Keys

We all have that one friend that has more keys than a warden. Rekeying locks is a great way to minimise that amount of keys you have. That bunch of keys can turn into just one key to operate all the locks in your house.

Rekeying prices start from as low as $20.00 making it more affordable than replacing your locks with brand new ones. Depending of the quality and the condition of the locks it may be worth replacing them with good quality locks. We hope these reasons why and the benefits of rekeying locks gives you a better understanding on when you should do it. If you need a Locksmith you can trust and rely on give Rollout Locksmiths a call 0422184634 and we can come out and advise you on the best way to secure your home.

Rollout Locksmiths provides a 24 hours 7 days a week emergency service in the Greater Western Sydney Area.

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