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A customer called Rollout Locksmiths wanting some work to be urgently done today. He told me he got home from work and noticed two dodgy looking guys snooping around his side fence. When he pulled up he asked what they were after. They said they were looking for a soccer ball which our customer didn't really believe to be true but told them he would have a quick look in his backyard. As expected no soccer ball was to be found & the two guys were nowhere to be seen when he came back.

Lock it up or lose it!

Our customer races motocross and has two brand new dirt bikes in his garage. He suspects they were either sussing out the place or were about the break-in and steal them. Motorbikes get stolen all the time and they are hot property! You hear stories of people being followed home when they leave the motocross tracks but you never think it will happen to you! Well looks like it may have happened here!

Motorbike anchor lock

We installed an ABUS Floor Anchor inbetween his two bikes. We also supplied a heavy duty bolt cutter resistant chain and padlock. The ABUS Anchor bolts to the concrete and has a low profile fold down design so you can drive over it with your car. With the bikes next to each other only one Anchor, chain and padlock were needed.

No one is going to be stealing these bikes in a hurry!

With his new toys now secured he's got one less thing to worry about!

If you need an anchor installed or just need a locksmith in Bossley Park call Rollout Locksmiths 0422184634. We provide a 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Service in the Bossley Park area.


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