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Eviction in Blacktown

We received a call from a realestate agent in Blacktown a couple of weeks ago. Sarah the agent made a booking with us a few weeks in advance. She had a tenant that wasn't paying their rent for a few months. She presented them with an eviction notice and they would be evicted if they didn't pay within a few weeks. Rollout Locksmiths would have to go out with the sheriff to evict and rekey the locks if the tenant was unable to pay. This is a part of my job that I don't like doing. Struggling tenants trying to make ends meet and getting removed from a property they once called home. It's quite sad and I always wonder where they're going to go to live. Unfortunately this happens from time to time in our industry. I also feel for the owners who will never see the thousands of dollars owed to them.

Gain Entry

I arrived at the Blacktown property and met up with Sarah and the Sheriff. They told me it looks like no one is home and I would have to gain entry to the property. I got to work and started picking the locks on the front door not really knowing what to expect once I opened it. I always expect the worst case scenario, like getting attacked by an angry tenant! But nothing prepared me for this eviction! As soon as I opened the door, the Sheriff walked in to check if anyone was home and I also stepped inside to suss out what type of locks I was needing to change. I immediately got a whiff of the most horrific smell I've ever experienced! The extremely unpleasant odour was animal faeces! I'm not talking about one or two either! It was everywhere! Even on the window sills! Anyone who knows me knows I have a weak stomach for smells like this. No surprise I was dry reaching with tears in my eyes and had to go outside and get some fresh air! Sarah laughed at me but was soon dry reaching herself after stepping inside and experiencing the horror!

Rekeying the locks

The old tenants had done the runner and left an absolute mess! I felt sorry for whoever had to clean the mess up! The locks were working fine so a simple rekey was only needed. Lucky for me I only had to rekey four locks and would be finished in no time. With all the locks now rekeyed I handed over the new keys to Sarah and I was out of there!

Rollout Locksmiths in Blacktown

If you need a locksmith in Blacktown call Rollout Locksmiths 0422184634. We provide a 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Service in the Blacktown area.

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