Commercial Locksmith

Rollout Locksmiths have a proven track record when it comes to commercial security in Sydney.

We offer a wide range of both professional and reliable commercial locksmith services across South-West Sydney, including a 24 hour emergency service. We truly pride ourselves on providing exceptional value for money at the highest levels of quality and service.

Our commercial clients include office blocks, schools, creches, retail stores, industrial premises, real estate agents and strata companies amongst others.

We understand that ensuring your company premises is safe 24/7 can be an overwhelming and daunting process. We take the difficulty out of this for you by providing a thorough analysis of your security needs and recommending the best options for maximum security of your business.

All of our commercial locksmith work comes with a guarantee giving you peace of mind that the best quality products are being used every time for your business.


ADI Bolts

Our ADI bolts can come in different finishes depending on your commercial premises décor including polished brass, chrome, bronze and black. Common uses for our ADI bolts include shop fronts, schools, hotels, community halls, sliding or swinging doors.

Lever Sets

Lever Locksets have many commercial uses including bathroom doors, storage closets, classrooms, break rooms, office doors, closet doors or server rooms. We have different grades depending on the level of security required for your business. 

Commercial Grade Padlocks


We fit Commercial Grade Padlocks of different levels of strength and toughness depending on their use, from securing barriers and general deterrent purposes to maximum security padlocks for worksites and other commercial and industrial environments. 

 Digital Locks

Our range of Digital Locks have become extremely popular with commercial clients in recent years. They not only remove the risk of keys being lost (as you don’t need one!), they also allow employers control over what areas of the building certain employees can access. They also have the benefit of allocating a unique code to each employee for safety reasons. 

ADI Blokloks

We use zinc-constrcution ADI Blokloks for double swinging doors and double sliding doors and they come with the same finish options as our ADI Bolts.

Mortice Locks & Furniture


Mortice Locks require a hole or pocket to be cut into the piece of furniture which they will be securing. At Rollout Locksmiths, we use heavy-duty mortice locks for a wide range of commercial and industrial clients. 



Our commercial Knobsets are very popular among our clients for offices and breakrooms amongst other uses and are a great alternative to lever lock sets.