Lock your mailbox! Identity theft is on the rise!

Organised criminal syndicates are targeting innocent people to steal their identity. Identity theft is costing Australia $2.2 billion dollars a year! Who pays for this? We all do!

Why steal someones identity you might ask? To purchase products to put it simply.

Is your mailbox locked up?

It may seem obvious but many people don't even have a key to their letterbox let alone keep it locked! They might as well roll out the red carpet for the criminals to target them.

Lock it up or lose it!

With only a small piece of information these criminals can source and build a full profile of their targets. It's a relatively simple scam, the gang would steal a piece of mail and that would give them a name. They would then contact random businesses to obtain a date of birth and with that information they would then search social media to help build a profile.

Lock it up and fight back!

In December 2017, police swooped in a major fraud crackdown. A crime syndicate that had you in their sights! Eleven people have been arrested so far across Sydney from Blacktown to Bankstown to North Rocks & Guilford. The operation also uncovered a concerning vulnerability that business were providing personal information over the telephone without requiring verification.

The criminals are getting smarter!

Blank phoney bank cards are coming in from overseas. They are getting better at making dodgy credit cards and licences, even replicating holograms. This makes it so hard for someone to detect that it's a fake!

So what can we do to stop it happening to us?

Secure your personal documents in a safe at home or business and destroy if necessary.

Be very cautious using social media and limit personal information to put online.

Protect your phone and computer with security software and strong passwords!

Be very careful providing personal information on the internet or over the phone.

Regularly check your bank statements for unusual transactions.

And of course lock your letterbox and remove your mail as soon as possible.

It's these little things you can do that can really frustrate these criminals.

Require a key to your letterbox?

Locksmiths are the lock masters and specialize in everything that has a lock. A locksmith can make keys, rekey, change the lock or upgrade to a more secure lock for your letterbox.

Our mobile locksmith service will get you back in business.


Don't become a victim in 2018! Give Rollout Locksmiths a call today and we will do a safety audit of your home in South-West Sydney to improve your home security today!

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