5 Tips To Ensure You Won't Lock Yourself Out Of Your House

Locking yourself out of your house is not only inconvenient and stressful but it can also be very dangerous. Locksmiths have seen it all, from leaving the oven on to having children locked inside. Take the stress out of your life by reading our tips to help you prevent a lock out situation.

Hold Onto Your Keys

Have you ever picked up your keys and walked out the door and then remembered you needed something only to walk back out the door without your keys? This scenario is all too common and so easily done. You're in a rush and place your keys on the table and grab what you had originally forgotten. You lock the door and run to your car only to then to realise you no longer have your keys! What went wrong?! You were so focused on what you had forgotten in the first place you lost track of your keys. Hold onto your keys!

Know Where Your Keys Are

Sounds simple right? Don't just throw your keys anywhere when you get home. Have a special place where you keep your keys. Preferably somewhere at eye level and somewhere you have to walk past when you leave your house. This could be a side table or a hook to hang your keys. If you get into a routine of always placing your keys in the same spot, you'll always know where your keys are and less likely to forget them!

Have Spare keys On Standby

If you have locked yourself out, have a back up plan! Give people that you trust a spare key; it could be a family member, friend or neighbour. If your work place isn't too far away it could be another option to leave a key there. You could leave one outside in a safe spot, but do not leave it under a door mat, pot plant or any other obvious places.

Install A Keyless Digital Lock

Installing a digital lock can be a great option and eliminates the need to use a key. There is plenty of access options including a keypad, card reader, finger print & using your phone to unlock the lock. In most cases your local Locksmith can install a digital lock where your old lock used to be.

Install A Key Safe

Having a key safe securely mounted to a wall can be another great option. Keys can be kept inside the strong solid key safe and can be accessed by punching in a unique code. The codes can be changed to deny access if someone no longer requires access.

Key Safe

Slow down and have a good think whether or not you have your keys before you step outside. If you can get into a routine by stopping and checking you have your keys each time before you leave, you'll never be locked out again!

But if you find yourself locked outside of your home give Rollout Locksmiths a call on 0422184634.

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