Lurnea Locksmith Service

Lurnea is just up the road from where Rollout Locksmiths is based. No doubt you would have seen us driving around and servicing in the area. With Lurnea being so close to us we can be at your premises in a very timely matter. 

Letterbox keys required

A common job we do is make keys to letterboxes. Most people are a little lazy when it coes to the security of their letterboxes. Because they don't lock it all the time or never at all keys tend to get lost. Identity fraud is a big problem as you would know unless you have been living under a rock. Don't make it easy for your identity to be stolen! If you are missing keys we can make keys to your letterbox or replace it with a new lock. 

Emergency happen everyday

Lurnea Locksmith service attends emergencies everyday. From unlocking your locks when you are locked out to changing the locks on your house when your keys have been stolen or lost. Our Lurnea locksmith service is available all hours of the day and night for your convenience. 

A few other services we provide

24 hour gain entry service, change locks, rekey locks, peep holes, repair or replace locks, all locks supplied and installed, removal of broken keys.

Look no further than Rollout Locksmiths in Lurnea

24/7 Emergency Locksmith Lurnea

Letterbox lock