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So you have locked your keys in your home and now you're locked out. Not to worry it's a very common mistake and it happens every day! Lucky locksmiths prove a gain entry service to keep get you back in. Once a day on average we get a call from from customers asking if we can open their locked door. Picking locks is truly a skill we use every day! When a customer finds them in a lock out situation they want to get back in quickly. Rollout Locksmiths provides a fast 24 hour lockout service in Cecil Hills and nearby suburbs.

Change locks in Cecil Hills

Another common service we provide to our customers in cecil hills is rekeying locks. Reasons why you need to rekey your locks. Your moving into a new home, Had keys lost or stolen, Locking out someone that still has keys that's not ment to or just want one key to operate all your locks. A Locksmith can rekey your locks to brand new keys so the old keys will be useless. We change the lock cylinders to achieve this and it's cheaper then replacing the locks with brand new ones. 

Removal of broken key

This is very common for garage roller door locks. When the key is left in the lock and the door is lifted up, it's very easy for the key to snap leaving half the key in the lock. It's also common for keys to snap off in sliding door locks when you have a screen door and a glass door very close to each other. It can be pretty difficult to remove them but we have special key removal tools to help us out. 

Rollout locksmiths provides a friendly, professional and fast locksmith service.

We have 15 years of experience in the locksmith industry.

So you can count on us!

Here are a few services Cecil Hills Locksmith provides:

  • Rekey locks

  • Remove broken keys

  • Letterbox locks

  • Lock repairs

  • 24/7 emergency open lock service

  • Locks supplied and installed

  • Deadlocks

  • After hours locksmith Cecil Hills

  • Patio bolts

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