Bossley Park Locksmith Service

Looking for a mobile locksmith in Bossley Park? No doubt you've seen Rollout locksmiths vehicles driving around and attending jobs in the area. Being only a 15 minute drive from Middleton Grange we can be at your place very quickly. 

Bossley Park lockout service 

People lock themselves out every day so don't be embarrassed to call us if this happens to you. Rollout Locksmiths is here to help and is available 24 hours 7 days a week to get you out of trouble. Because we are able to pick locks we won't damage your locks or doors. During normal work hours our gain entry price is $90.00. The price varies for after hours so call us for a quote.  

 Rekey locks service in Bossley Park 0422 184 634

Another common service we provide on a daily basis is rekeying locks. We provide this service when customers move into a new home or business, had keys stolen or lost. Rekeying a lock is changing the combination of the lock to suit new keys. All of the old keys will no longer work the lock and you'll be given brand new keys. It's the perferred method of changing keys rather then replacing the locks with brand new locks. 

Removal of broken key

Broken keys in locks are most common in sliding door locks and garage door locks. If you have two sliding doors next to each other that are close and you leave the key in the lock, when you close the door behind it you can easily snap the key off in the lock. Also if a key is left in a garage roller door and the door is lifted up the key will break off in the lock. Not to worry if you have made this common mistake our team is here to help. By using key extractors we'll remove the key. If it was your only key we will make a new set of keys for you.

Why choose us?

Rollout locksmiths provides a professional, fast and affordable locksmith service.

When experience matters we have 15 years in the locksmith industry you can be assured we won't let you down!

Here's just a few services Bossley Park Locksmiths provides:​​

  • Patio bolts

  • Rekey locks

  • Remove broken keys

  • Letterbox locks

  • Lock repairs

  • 24/7 emergency open lock service

  • Locks supplied and installed

  • Deadlocks

  • After hours locksmith Bossley Park

Need a Bossley Park locksmith call Rollout locksmiths today!

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